Standalones on el Capitan?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 2 11:08:58 EDT 2016

Erik Beugelaar wrote:

 > The suggestion of Alex is a reasonable option for this iOS only
 > deploy problem in my opinion.
 > As long as Apple's Apps Store's Terms of Service (ToS) clashes with
 > the GPL a temporary solution could be a Hosted iOS Builder service.
 > This can be a subscription model ($/year) or you pay per service
 > build ($).

It was less than just two years ago that the company offered pretty much 
exactly that, for $99/yr.

That wasn't so long ago.  Have we all forgotten already?

It if was the magic recipe to solve this problem I would imagine it 
would still be offered today.

But despite the company's willingness to experiment with this pricing 
option so frequently and ardently suggested by some of the folks here, 
in practice it didn't really have much uptake and made no substantial 
contribution to the expenses incurred in delivering LiveCode.

In fact, those of us who've been here a while should be able to recall 
that the company has experimented with a very wide range of pricing and 
packaging options.  Many of those experiments, like the iOS deployment 
option, were the result of conversations here.

It's not like the company hasn't listened.

I believe it's more that the nature of the dev tools game is very 
different from more end-user-facing software markets, and very few 
members of this list have direct experience successfully managing the 
development and publishing of a multi-platform dev tool. So despite the 
best of intentions, the challenge does indeed elude easy answer.

I think it's helpful that we all keep an open mind, community and 
company alike, as we continue to explore new options going forward.

It may well be that there's a magic price/package combo that will make 
the difference.  Clearly no magic recipe has been found thus far.  But 
for such proposals to be seriously considered, it helps that there's at 
least as much research behind them to distinguish them from things 
already tried.

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