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Mon May 2 09:25:26 EDT 2016

On 2.05.2016 13:31, Lyn Teyla wrote:
> Stephen Barncard wrote:
>> obviously one hasn't been to a LC event lately.  More white hair and
>> ponytails on old folks than an AES convention. The cool geeks club.
> I’ve got nothing against younger or older people at all, but:
> Whenever I come across photos of LiveCode events, and see white hair and baldness everywhere, it often makes me question my own sanity regarding my choice of programming language.
> And then, I start questioning the sanity of younger people, who appear to _want_ to code using a non-English-like language, and multiple different languages at that, if deploying to different platforms.
> Apparently, younger people, for some reason, don’t seem to want an English-like language (some even going as far as to avoid such languages as much as possible), or be able to use that same language to create desktop, mobile, server and web apps.
> Should we be learning all sorts of non-English-like programming languages, just because everyone else is doing it, even though they’re less intuitive to use?
> Does LiveCode Ltd have a sustainable business model given the apparent reality? Surely it can’t be reasoned away that young programmers don’t like going to events?
> Am I mad? Has the world gone mad? Has common sense been thrown out the window?

Yes to all of those vaguely rhetorical questions.

But as a bunch of mad people in a mad world there is no obvious reason 
why we should not persist in our
own type of insanity rather than adhere to another type of insanity.

I have a number of teenagers who are being taught C++ and C sharp up the 
road in the
Mathematical High School (that means the school concentrates on 
Mathematics, not that the school, Ding-an-Sich,
is in some way Mathematical, like, for example, a Clockwork High School) 
who can see loud and clear that
Livecode can achieve the same thing in about 10-20% of the time (don't 
think I haven't demonstrated this to them),
but still keep saying "But real programmers . . . ." and at that point I 
wonder why Gabriel Oak was pissed off when
all his sheep jumped off the cliffs to their deaths [check out "Far From 
the Madding Crowd" by Thos. Hardy" gerta book,
even greater Movie].

I am 54, and as such I have no great urge to conform to what the 15-35 
year old crowd are doing (and if I tried I'd
just end up looking a fool anyway), nor to the 60-85 year old crowd 
(I'll become a slobbering old, senile whatsit in
my own good time anyway).

rant upon rant

Love you!

> /rant
> Lyn
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