Standalones on el Capitan?

RM richmondmathewson at
Mon May 2 09:16:56 EDT 2016

On 2.05.2016 11:40, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> On 02/05/2016 09:36, RM wrote:
>> My spending has now stopped, and will not start again as I simply do not
>> have $999 for any software whatsoever.
> Maybe you should have purchased a subscription during one of the 
> _many_ "$299/year forever" offers that LiveCode ran last year, then.
>                                                Peter

Quite possibly; but two things stopped me:

1. I don't have $299 per year to "rent" Livecode.

AND I really wonder if I'm the only one "out there" who feels *&^%$ 
about the concept of
"renting" LIvecode for a time-delimited period . . . or is it just that 
a lot of people, who, unlike 'Richmond'
are not prepared to voice their opinions for all sorts of complex reasons?

I have spent my whole life "putting people's backs up" with awkward, 
painful questions.

For years my parents had to put up with school reports that said I was 
"awkward" (that's a polite circumlocution)
and why couldn't I conform? Well, I dunno why (and as my Dad eventually 
admitted when he lost a prestigious job for
being just like me [he inherited that from his son!], but that's 
obviously the way God made me, my karmic path, my genetic
package, call it what you will.

Any way, having put up with "all that shit" from substandard teachers 
[the good teachers fostered my abilities and encouraged me]
and the fact that my Mum was desperately worried about "what the 
neighbours might think" [this mainly when our neighbours consisted
of a flamboyantly camp, gay couple, a bloke who cohabited with 2 women 
simultaneously, and a chap who prided himself
on the fact that he took a different woman to bed everyday of his life], 
when I was 21 I was told by somebody older and wiser than
me "God wants you to be a sore thumb, so do what S/he wants".

2. "offers that LiveCode ran last year" on the 'one blink and you've 
muffed it' princiiple,
I wasn't looking when the thing blinked, because, just then I did not 
require that (had I had the money,
had I had the motivation, had I had all the other factors).

We all live in a world of constantly changing everything; that is 
psychologically bad news, and Livecode/RunRev
does not necessarily have to support the "change under all circumstances 
is good" paradigm - it might find,
oddly enough, by offering a level of stability, it can gain favour . . .


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