Multiple Versions of LC on Mac

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Mar 31 18:09:29 EDT 2016

You can run multiple versions simultaneously -- I often run multiple
versions side by side, and copy scripts/objects between versions.
Settings can be an issue if you're going to have different locations for
extensions, etc -- not sure if the LiveCode people made accommodations for

But an efficient way to work that has suggested on the mail list many
times is, if you use Dropbox or some other cloud sharing service, to place
your LC Extensions folder there. Set all versions of LC on the machine to
reference that folder, but also set up LC on other systems to reference
that same folder.  You will then have your plugins and utility stacks
available consistently across all systems.


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On 3/31/16, 1:44 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Sannyasin
Brahmanathaswami" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of
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>The read me notes on LC 8 say
>"Each version of LiveCode installs to its own, separate folder, to allow
>multiple versions of LiveCode to be installed side-by-side."
>Just to confirm:
>If we maintain all these in the applications folder (on mac)
>LiveCode Indy
>LiveCode Indy 8.0.0 (dp 16).app
>LiveCode Indy 8.0 (dp 15).app
>and be sure to close anyone of them before using another...
>are we getting ourselves into trouble at all, does this affect the
>Of course we  would need to "save stack with format version" to run in
>7... and features not available 8 disappear e.g. use of new json lib.
>Any other caveats?
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