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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 31 15:48:39 EDT 2016

William Prothero wrote:

 > Thanks, Richard:
 > My previous exposure to the behaviors methodology was in Adobe
 > Director. A behavior was assigned to a particular control, field,
 > button, whatever, and in its script, it defined a set of properties
 > that could be set custom for each instantiation. That way, a “set” of
 > graphics for a button, for example, could be assembled as part of a
 > behavior where the “up”, “down”,”over”, “disabled” etc, states linked
 > to a particular graphic. Of course, you don’t have to do that in
 > Livecode, but that was the idea.

Similar here, but more message-driven than property-driven.

 > Thanks for the prescription. I’ll try it out.

I hope it helps.

 > Let me know next time you’re in Santa Barbara. I’ll treat you to
 > lunch.

I would enjoy that.  I try to take the train up a couple times a year 
(such a nice train ride and such an awful drive <g>).  I'll drop you a 
note next time I'm up that way.  Thanks.

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