Are there any cumulative release notes?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 30 11:05:00 EDT 2016

Tiemo Hollmann wrote:

 > I have this "failed to load external" failure and am searching, what
 > might have changed between LC 6 and 7/8, because all settings are the
 > same between my versions, but with LC 7/8 I can't load my externals
 > anymore.
 > I am sure there must have been changed something very obvious, what I
 > don't see. I started to read the release notes, but that is pretty
 > cumbersome to read every single DP release note from 6.7. upward to
 > look for a relevant change on handling externals and I don't even
 > have all intermediate version installed.
 > Are there any kind of "cumulative release notes" or a better approach
 > to look for the source of my problem.

In general the Release Notes for a given feature version (X.X, as 
opposed to what is usually a bug-fix-only version X.X.X) will include 
all aggregate notes from earlier builds in that series.

For example, the Release Notes for the latest Stable release, 7.1.3, 
include changes going back to 7.1.0 (see the "Specific bug fixes" 
section at the bottom of each Release Notes PDF).

I believe this aggregation by feature version strikes a practical 
balance between requiring too many Release Notes and having Release 
Notes too cumbersomely long to be read.  After all, if they were 
aggregated with previous feature releases where would the relevant 
cutoff be?  The document could become as large as the install itself.

In your case, since the issue is evident in both v7 and v8 you may not 
need to review v8 Release Notes at all.  And since there have been only 
two significant releases of v7 (7.0 and 7.1) you should only need to 
review the Release Notes for the latest build of each:


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