Design Challenge -- Round Corner mask on images

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Mon Mar 28 01:42:11 CEST 2016

One way is using ink effects.  In a group with the roundRect graphic
layered above the image:
blendSrcOver applied to the group
blendDstIn applied to the graphic

You might want to take a look at the stack provided in this article for


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>Our design team finished a design for a mobile app. The used rounded
>corners everywhere.
>Something I wished we had in LC for all controls (groups included) is
>corner radius, but is is only available for graphics objects.
>set the roundRadius of grc "roundRectAngleButton" to pValue
>I'm digging in the forums for info an masks etc... but I'm out of my
>depth here.
>I'm thinking this is probably (I hope)  not that hard to implement.
>it's obviously easy enough to create a background graphic with round
>corners, add a small field on the left site that is transparent, lock
>that, put an image on the right side, make this a small group and give
>the name of a target and we have a nice cool "button" but how do I get
>the image in the right half of the group to take the rounded corners of
>the background graphic?
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