CEF glitches

Terry Dennis tedennis at softwaredetails.com
Wed Mar 23 09:05:39 EDT 2016

-- CEF glitches
-- Try this debug script in 7.x and 8.x 
on mouseUp
   put empty into tInstance
   put empty into tInstances
   put revBrowserOpenCef(the windowid of this stack, "about:blank") into tInstance
   put revBrowserInstances() into tInstances
   put tInstance & " - " & tInstances
   -- Open Windows 10 Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete).  View = "Group By Type"
   -- There are TWO instances of "revbrowser-cefprocess" in "Background Processes".
   -- There should be ONE.
   -- Now, exit LC  ("File, Exit" from LiveCode Menu bar, or "X" in upper right corner of LiveCode window)
   -- There is an instance of "revbrowser-cefprocess" remaining in the Windows Task Manager background processes. 
   -- There should be ZERO.
   -- There is also a phantom "LiveCode for Windows" background process.
   -- There should be ZERO.
   -- There is also a residual "debug.txt" file in testCEF.exe's  home directory after executing the Standalone app.
end mouseUp

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