URGENT: emails being rejected

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Wed Mar 23 00:06:00 EDT 2016

You can use any SMTP server and "From" any email you like as long as you
include "MailFrom: me at me.com" in the email header.  For example if you are
using diesel it would be mymasteraccount at diesel.on-rev.com if you don't have
a dedicated IP or mymasteraccount at mymasteraccount.on-rev.com if you do have
a dedicated IP. The MailFrom needs to be the server and email account that
originated the email and whose DNS can be resolved. This is how a consulting
firm can send out mail on behalf of their clients with the "from" being your
client without being flagged as spam. The MailFrom is only in the header and
is not normally viewed by an email client. In short the "from" can be any
email address as long as the MailFrom points back to the originating
server's IP. I send out emails daily that are "From" my local email but
"MailFrom" diesel and get a respectable spam score(slightly below zero) on
the scale of 10 means it's spam.

Ralph DiMola
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On 22/03/2016 17:14, Mark Wieder wrote:
> A couple of things:
> 1. If you're using the on-rev smtp server to send emails, STOP THAT 
> right now. Configure your email client to send email using the smtp 
> server of your isp. You don't need to change the pop server, just the 
> outgoing one.
> 2. See point #1.

why? what's wrong with sending email from on-rev (or any other hosting
provider) ?

Intuitively, that seems like the right way to do it - my email claims to
come from "alex at tweedly.net" - surely it's a good thing that it originates
on the machine that DNS resolves for 'tweedly.net'.  In fact, if I send that
email instead from my DSL provider then doesn't it become indistinguishable
from any spammer's email which has my email address in the 'from' line, but
comes from a machine with no connection to 'tweedly.net' ?

And, practically, how do I do that ?  Most days I use 3 different ISPs
(home, office, neighbour's) - would I need to reconfig my email client each
time ?

(or, to put it another way - what am I missing ? :-)


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