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Roland Huettmann roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 12:45:20 CET 2016

*Reading very large files*

I made some tests for my large file.

Using LCS it is not possible to know in advance the file size as it is not
possible to read the file into memory in one piece. It is possible though
to read the properties from a file using a Shell command. And one of the
properties is the size in bytes. This is my length: Size on
disk: 28'875'927'552 bytes.

It is not a problem to go to any position in the file reading from there -
as long as memory can take the read junk of the file.

How to know how much we can read into memory? Is there any function to know
this? Is there a size limit for variables?

But it is possible to retrieve chunks of data until eof when approaching
the file end. So, using "read from file fName at 28875927500 until eof" is
possible. 52 bytes are read.

It is not possible to read backwards - which could be a nice way reading a
file in some special cases. So "read from file fName at eof until -1000"
does not work.

So, the only way reading very large file is reading a chunk of data of n
bytes (whatever is allowed in memory), processing this, and then reading
the next chunk until the remaining part of the file is small enough to be
read until eof.

*Why not use Thunderbird or other mail clients?*

Well to answer the question regarding why not using another E-Mail client
such as Thunderbird, Eudora, or a pure mailbox reader such as "Free MBOX
File viewer"? I have them all. I tried them all.

I love LiveCode. That is the answer. Because I want to not just save data.
I want to be able to add annotations the way I want, I want to add tags,
make calculations, print selected lists of messages, and do calculations,
using statistics, increasing the usefulness of years of work. I am using
this to also write invoices to clients for work done listing all the
messages for a given task and project. My messages are also kind of work
reports and they give me an idea of what was done at what time and
occasion, because they are a "minute of meeting", take my "notes" etc.

I store a lot of information in messages, even ideas. It is my container
for data in many cases. And I transfer my Skype conversations to email, or
other data from my phone to Email.

The message format qualifies as the format for any activity and
communication. So, why not use it everywhere as a multi-purpose format?

But to organize messages it is not enough to sort and filter them by
keywords. And people use the Subject field not the way it is meant to be
used. Too often the Subject does not give an idea of what the messages
contain. It is just "carried over" from another message. That is awful, but
unavoidable. Threads organizing messages by keywords are also not useful
because people are simply not taking care of maintaining consistency in the
Subject field which organizes message threads. In other words: I introduce
a second Subject field to enter my keywords which are then correctly
identifying the content of the message (or messages). LiveCode is a way of
doing this, and of course using a database for storing.

So, I like to add and manipulate data which then can be filtered in a
correct way according to personal needs without the limitations all other
E-Mail readers or clients will allow.

My message system shall be more global, unified, including messages from
all kinds of devices and mail programs, even from social media, phone
conversations, etc. And I want to make use of data, not just storing and
backing up data.

Just storing is boring. )

The alternative would be using something like Python, but we are in
LiveCode not in Python, or a lower level language. But then - why do we use

It want LiveCode to be my power horse for all such tasks and understand if
it really can fulfill such promises.


P.S:  Just now I do not know if we start using LCB in future, or continue
with LCS for such tasks which would qualify for developing a library in its
own right.

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