Separate Widget palette

RM richmondmathewson at
Sun Mar 20 11:05:32 EDT 2016

On 20.03.2016 16:43, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Richmond wrote:
>> Hence my recent suggestion that they could be moved to the bottom
>> of the revTools palette rather than the top.
> The core team says Widgets should be at the top. You say they should 
> be at the bottom.

I wonder why the core team has decided to put them at the top?

If the reason is to bring our attention to them, then it succeeds very 
well indeed.

> I wonder:
> Why are controls grouped by implementation method?
> Why should that matter to the user?

That's certainly a thought . . . .

> If Widgets are controls like any other, why not intermix them with the 
> rest?
> They could be positioned in the palette using whatever criteria had 
> been used all these years.
> If there's something behaviorally incompatible about Widgets that 
> would make it undesirable to treat them as first-class objects, that 
> would seem a bug worth addressing.
> And if not, just let them be the first-class objects they are by 
> integrating them in the palette along with other first-class objects, 
> grouped by functionality instead of implementation method.
>> I do feel that, sometimes, the LiveCode people in their,
>> understandable, enthusiasm to promote the results of their
>> hard work, fail to take into account that while Richard,
>> Jacqueline, Klaus and Thee may run at the front of the pack,
>> there are a large number of us bringing up the rear.
> Have you considered the possibility that when Jacque, Klaus, or I 
> write it may simply be our own honest personal opinions, every bit as 
> valid as your own?

I have considered that; and of course your opinions are valid; but I 
would suggest that all three of you fit into a different group of people 
to the one I do (something I am sure all 3 of you will feel pleased
about!). All 3 of you make your main income from programming: I don't. 
While my computer programs
are part of my work it is not from them that my income comes.

Hence my "bringing up the rear" remark.

There are a lot of people in "the rear".

> Diversity is a sign of a healthy community, but that isn't limited to 
> complaints. Part of diversity means accepting people who are patient 
> and enjoying themselves.

Indeed. I have no wish to enforce my view on everyone; what I do want to 
do is put forward an
idea about the place of widgets in the upcoming version 8 GUI. As a 
result various other people have
suggested other ideas: so my aim has succeeded as it has stimulated 
debate which did not seem to
be going on before that.

"people who are patient and enjoying themselves." Dunno what that has to 
do with suggesting interface changes. I do ENJOY suggesting interface 
changes . . . and patiently wait for the flack,
support, whatever that comes back.

I hope a lot more people will start enjoying themselves, both with 
Livecode, and in suggesting
interface improvements.


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