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Sun Mar 20 08:15:46 EDT 2016

On 20.03.2016 13:46, Trevor DeVore wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 4:03 AM, RM <richmondmathewson at> wrote:
>> Well, how about having the widget section at the bottom of the revTools
>> palette rather than above
>> the section that is most likely to be used the most often?
> Richmond,
> You may find that you use widgets more than you think. I've been working on
> a project and I use widgets much more often than the old controls. Granted,
> I designed a lot of widgets for the project, but eventually widgets will
> replace most (all?) of the old controls.


------------ Big, Slightly Pompous, Thing coming up ----------------

There is a school of thought [which, admittedly, may only have one 
member = me]
that the old controls were quite sufficient for a very large subset of 
the LiveCode
user base, and that, while the Widgets may be very clever and very jazzy 
(which they
are) that subset may use them extremely rarely.

I, for the foreseeable future, at least, will be perfectly happy 
programming with LiveCode 4.5,
with occasional excursions into 7 'territory' for the better Unicode stuff.

I should at this point out that LC 4.5 does not function on my Xubuntu 
box, but I use it extensively on
my G5 Macintosh . . .

However, it is not unreasonable to predict that, in the future, 
operating systems will arise
on which those versions cannot deliver, at which point all my 
development will transfer to
8 (or 9 ???); at which point, if I have no wish to use the Widgets, I 
won't want them "in my face"
in quite the way they are presently.

Hence my recent suggestion that they could be moved to the bottom of the 
revTools palette
rather than the top.

I do feel that, sometimes, the LiveCode people in their, understandable, 
enthusiasm to
promote the results of their hard work, fail to take into account that 
while Richard, Jacqueline,
Klaus and Thee may run at the front of the pack, there are a large 
number of us bringing up
the rear.

For instance: I am wondering whether, in my Summer Livecode classes (for 
kids between 9 and 18)
whether to use Livecode 7.x or Livecode 8.x. I do feel that the widget 
icons on the revTools
palette may serve as an unwelcome distraction from my attempts to get 
the kids to understand
the more basic, underlying concepts of programming.

The problem is complicate by the simple fact that kids, once they get 
home and hook their computers
up to the LC download site are going to be offered the "latest thang" 
which may not be what I have
shown them on the machines in my school: and a wildly different revTools 
stack may only serve
to confuse them.

Having an separate Widget palette would allow teachers and so forth, who 
didn't want the widgets
showing up, to hide them away.  I suppose were the widgets at the bottom 
of a unified revTools palette
they would, at least, be less obtrusive.

----------- End of that --------------

---------- Simpler way of putting the above -------------

I want a way to hide the Widgets in such a way that a kid opening LIveCode
won't see them at any point during his/her programming class with me.

-------- Ah, that feels better --------------


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