RevBrowser in 8.0.0 DP 15

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Sun Mar 20 04:34:55 EDT 2016

On 20/03/2016 04:14, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Not exactly. I tried a similar file path when I was testing a widget but
> it wouldn't load at all, nothing happened. I just now realized that the
> file path has spaces in it. If I remove those (or encode them) it does
> load, so the widget works after all. Then I pasted the file path (with
> hashtag) into the inspector and that worked too. I didn't see the
> problem you described, the widget keeps its original size. Looks like I
> do have an option, thanks for that.
> The bug report that explains my issues with revBrowser is here:

Hi Jacqueline,

For reliability I do recommend using an RFC 1738 URL with a browser, 
rather than a "LiveCode-style" file URL.

For example, "file:///Users/peterbrett/My%20File%20Name.doc" rather than 
"file:/Users/peterbrett/My File Name.doc"

Do the problems with the #-component in revBrowser go away if you use an 
RFC 1738 file URL?


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