RevBrowser in 8.0.0 DP 15

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 20 00:14:30 EDT 2016

On 3/19/2016 5:11 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> At least delivered from a server:
> This works in a browser widget in LC 8 DP16 (presumably not CEF since
> I am on Macbook Pro)

I wasn't using a widget, I was loading a local file in revBrowser. I 
couldn't get the widget to work.

> and it also works if i save the page locally and drop this in a
> browser
> file:///Users/Brahmanathaswami/Downloads/test%20local/Kauai's%20Hindu%20Monastery%20-%20Meet%20the%20Monks.html#brahma
>  Oh.. wait.. if I paste that URL in to the widget it goes bonkers..
> to be more precise presents a small rect about 40x tall and 150 px
> wide with scroll bars.
> Is that the bug you are seeing?

Not exactly. I tried a similar file path when I was testing a widget but 
it wouldn't load at all, nothing happened. I just now realized that the 
file path has spaces in it. If I remove those (or encode them) it does 
load, so the widget works after all. Then I pasted the file path (with 
hashtag) into the inspector and that worked too. I didn't see the 
problem you described, the widget keeps its original size. Looks like I 
do have an option, thanks for that.

The bug report that explains my issues with revBrowser is here:

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