Problems creating a field in LC8 DP16

William Prothero prothero at
Fri Mar 18 14:09:29 EDT 2016

HH, and Richard:
Richard: Thanks for noticing the error in setting the textStyle.

Is this a bug? Shouldn’t the formattedHeight and formattedWidth show the text? I’m content to use my margins adjustment, but hope it doesn’t need to be revisited in the future. If so, it’s a small thing, but...

Thanks for your suggestions. The problem that I have with your solution is that it works for very short texts, but for longer, the field is not resized to show the entire text string. The only way I can get this to work and show all of the text in the field is to set the margins to a value that works. The final solution I have is below:

function iml_makeField tName,tText

	if there is no cd fld tName then

		create field tName

	end if

	put tText into fld tName

	set the visible of fld tName to FALSE

	set the showBorder of fld tName to FALSE

	set the style of fld tName to "transparent"

	set the textAlign of fld tName to "center"

	set the textfont of fld tName to "Arial"

	set the textSize of fld tName to 12

	set the margins of fld tName to "4,2,4,6"

	set the dontWrap of fld tName to true

	set the textHeight of fld tName to 20

	set the fixedLineHeight of fld tName to TRUE

	set the textStyle of fld tName to bold

	put "0,0,"&(the formattedWidth of fld tName)&","&(the formattedHeight of fld tName) into tRect

	set the rect of fld tName to tRect

	return the rect of fld tName

end iml_makeField

> On Mar 18, 2016, at 12:05 AM, -hh <hh at> wrote:
> William P. wrote:
>> So, I guess we can't count on the formattedHeight and formattedWidth
>> to return dimensions of a rect that will show all of the text in a field?
> Sorry? The (modified) function works here as it should, I wrote "works fine
> here".
> I think that simply the fixedTextHeight isn't set to true any more by
> default.
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