Error in DG row behaviour crashing LC?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 16 13:02:06 EDT 2016

jameshale wrote:
 > While modifying the Fillndata handler in the row behaviour I managed
 > to crash LiveCode (LC7.1.3rc1).
 > After a few crashes where I selectively commented out my recently
 > added lines of script I traced it to my setting a property of an
 > apparently nonexistent object in my row template.
 > Well the object did exist but I had miss-typed its name.
 > Once I corrected the miss-type all was well again.
 > Has anyone else come across this?
 > I can understand the datagrid choking on my error, but I did not
 > expect it would crash LC.

Ideally nothing in a scripting language should cause a crash.

It would be helpful to check this under the current versions of v7 and 
v7 (7.1.3rc1 and 8.0dp15 respectively), and if the crash recurs in 
either please submit a bug report.

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