Trying to understand the inner workings of Resizestack

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Mar 14 16:50:13 EDT 2016

If you're using LiveCode 7, the flashing may be an artifact that occurs
purely from redrawing/refreshing the screen.  I've noticed this here, but
don't have any reliable recipe that causes it.

In any event, locking the screen and locking messages are the main steps
to take, making sure to unlock at the end of your resizing handlers.
Groups (assuming your chart is a group) have a lockUpdates property that
might help with redrawing, but I don't know if this would make any
difference with regards to screen flashing.


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>> On 14 Mar 2016, at 16:59, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>
>> on resizeControl
>>   refreshChart
>> end resizeControl
>Obviously, this works but does not cure the occasional flash that occurs
>when reproducing the chart.
>I suspect perhaps the script along with all the resizeControl messages is
>making it difficult for the engine to keep up?
>I can¹t think of another reason. I am sure the script could be optimised.
>Could anyone suggest areas that are particularly time consuming that I
>could look at that may improve performance.
>I am already using lock messages.
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