Trying to understand the inner workings of Resizestack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Mar 14 13:06:55 EDT 2016

Ralph DiMola wrote:

 > 1) The resizestack message is sent once is live resizing if off. If
 > live resizing is on then a whole bunch of messages get stacked up
 > if you grab a corner and resize the stack. If you resizing code is
 > fast enough then resizing will look seamless, if your resizing takes
 > too long the it will be jerky.

FWIW in v8 and possibly earlier liveResizing is always on, and the 
liveResizing stack property has been deprecated.

OS X, Windows, and Linux don't offer two modes for resizing; that was 
allowed for legacy Mac OS 9 apps using older APIs under OS X.

In recent OS X versions all windows are expected to resize in real-time, 
as with the other OSes, so there's no longer a need for this property.

Indeed, in discussing this with Mark it seems it would be somewhat 
tricky to try to provide behavior specific to older OSes in a newer OS 
that doesn't support it.

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