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Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Mar 8 19:15:22 EST 2016

On 08/03/2016 20:28, Matt Maier wrote:
> Riiiiiiiight...except that I can't use "view page source" to see any
> Livecode because what's delivered to the browser is either html, css, or
> javascript, correct?
>   So the Livecode "source" is replaced by its own
> output, which maintains the mystery.

> There are several small tutorials scattered around, but where can I see
> actual websites that run on Livecode? Even the examples don't
> actually provide the *.lc files. All I can see there are the isolated
> Livecode scripts and the static page delivered to the browser in html.
Unfortunately I don't know of any concrete examples. There may well be 
some  - sadly the Livecode samples and examples are in too many places, 
and it can be hard to track things down.

I have a number of (small-ish) websites all done with Livecode - but 
none of them is decent enough quality to want to make them public; 
however, I'd be happy to share them off--list if you want (with a 
repeated warning that I am not really happy with any of them :-)
Feel free to look at
or           (uses revIgniter)

revIgniter is a good framework - and it comes with a lot of code, 
including e.g. login / authentication samples - so there is a lot there, 
but it is a big learning curve.

> When you say "use Livecode for the client" do you mean a desktop standalone
> or the new HTML5 standalone?
In this case I'm sure Richard meant desktop standalone, sonce he's been 
an advocate for that for some years. I'm sure once HTML5 standalones 
become smoething we can deploy, many of  the advantages of desktop LC 
standalones will be available via that path as well.

-- Alex.

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