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Phil Davis revdev at
Tue Mar 8 14:00:16 EST 2016

Combined responses below.

On 3/8/16 5:59 AM, dunbarx at wrote:
> Hi.
> Have you done a "dispatch resetList to group yourDG?"
Thanks Craig. I tried this and saw no change to what was displayed.

On 3/8/16 10:35 AM, zryip theSlug wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> You can first explore how the data is split in the datagrid internal array.
> 1. You can use the msg box with this command:
> send "PrintKeys" to grp "myDataGrid"
> 2. Or, if you are a DGH user, go to the DGH's properties palette ->
> "Print keys" topic -> "Show data"
Nice - I had never used PrintKeys before. What I see is this: While my 
undisplayed column data is consistently included in the PrintKeys 
output, there are other columns that are included only under certain 
circumstances. I suppose I should make my data always have the same 
number of columns per record - seems like I remember something about 
that being an issue in the past but I could be wrong. Will give it a try 

Thanks guys -

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> My DG table doesn't display the data in its first column. I know I've
> seen this before, and may have even fixed it for a client ages ago. But
> I'm drawing a blank.
> Using the property inspector, I can see the data in column 1. It's there.
> The column is displayed, but it appears to be empty.
> Can someone please jar my memory?
> Thanks -

Phil Davis

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