[OT] An XFCE launcher that will hide behind Livecode standalones

RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 13:17:45 EST 2016

That's all very fine in theory until you realise that new standalones 
will be
continually added, so one will have to be continually rewriting the 
launcher and
reinstalling it, along with the new standalones, on all the machines in 
my school.

I have subsequently tired out using an XFCE panel with 6 rows that hides 
'always' or 'intelligently',
which, while not ideal, will probably have to do for the moment.

In a perfect world (Ha, Ha, Ha) as standalones were added to a folder 
there would be symbolic links
added to some sort of blanket launcher/desktop that, on a standalone 
being launched would not 'hide' or somesuch, but would just remain 
behind the standalone.

This can be done by setting up launchers on the XFCE desktop and not 
having any panels, but
this has to be done on a machine-by-machine basis which is a 'major fag' 


On 7.03.2016 02:08, [-hh] wrote:
> Why don't you write a stack, that has a launch button for each standalone, and minimizes to a small square at topRight after each launch?
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