I need to write an external for LiveCode in C++, but I doubt my ability to do it.

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Sun Mar 6 17:08:43 EST 2016

Hi Jonathan,

I would start by seeing if your LC code can be optimized so the time it 
takes per screen is acceptable. There are many small changes a person 
can sometimes make to code that causes dramatic speed increases.

Or is the bulk of the time spent in areas LC can't address natively? 
Maybe that's why you want to go toward an external.

Thanks -
Phil Davis

On 3/6/16 1:55 PM, Jonathan Lynch wrote:
> Hello fellow LiveCoders,
> I need to write an external and it needs to be fast. It is for extracting
> images from a green screen. I wrote a good algorithm for this in LiveCode,
> but it takes 20-30 seconds to handle all of the data processing. I want to
> use C++ for speed advantages.
> I tried following the desktop externals tutorial that LiveCode uses, but it
> seems that the external generator that LiveCode offers does not work
> properly with Visual Studio 2015.
> Should I try to find a free version of VS 2010? Should I try to fix the C++
> library files so that they work with VS 2015? Is there some other very fast
> compiled language, like Fortran, that I should try?
> I welcome any advice on how to do this.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

Phil Davis

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