Target controls on a card that are *not* part of a placed groups

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> You can get a list of the shared groups that are being used on a card by
> using "get the sharedGroupNames of card xxx".

Is it reliable?  The undocumented function for unplaced groups produces
both false positives and false negatives.

> For buttons that aren't in groups, the owner will be the card.  If they
> are in a group, the owner of the button will be the group they are in.

repeat with i = the number of buttons on this card down to 1

if word 1 of the name of button i of this card is not "card" then next

--do stuff to the button

end repeat

By counting down instead of up, you can delete the button without messing
with your loop, if that is indeed what you want to do based upon the tests
in do stuff
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