HTML5 teaser

Colin Holgate colinholgate at
Fri Mar 4 16:35:24 EST 2016

I’ve been tasked with a problem to solve, and I think I can use any tool to do it. LiveCode could be a good choice. Here’s what’s needed:

A PDF is online somewhere. A logged in user asks for it, and the server encrypts it before sending over, using some sort of key that was in the query. On receiving the data, the client side would have to unencrypted it, and show it as the original PDF in a browser.

I feel sure there are some difficulties in there, such as whether Javascript can write a file to the user’s hard drive, and then show it in a browser. In LiveCode terms, one solution would be to send it as encrypted image data, and then set the imagedata of an image to the unencrypted version (if setting imagedata is allowed in the HTML5 export from LiveCode).

Do you all see other difficulties, or maybe simple solutions to the problem? 

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