Use MouseLine() and still edit the same field?

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Fri Mar 4 15:40:58 EST 2016

Hi Mark - you probably want to use a mouseMove handler rather than
mouseWithin. Try starting off with something simple like this...

on mouseMove
    put word 2 of the mouseLine into n
    set the textColor of line 1 to -1 of me to empty
    set the textColor of line n of me to blue
end mouseMove



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>(Sorry Heather!  I¹m sending this message again from the Œproper¹
>I¹m not sure how long it has been around, but I have just discovered the
>Œmousewhithin¹ message combined with the mouseline() functionŠ Awesome!
>So, for those of you who don¹t know, the Œmousewithin¹ message is sent to
>a field periodically (5 times a second?) whenever the mouse is inside
>that field. 
>Then, the mouseline function returns whatever line of that field the
>mouse is currently hovering over.  I am currently using this to warn
>folks if they have too many characters per line.  And that works fine.
>But to make it more intuitive, I want to somehow hilite or indicate the
>line that the mouse is over in the field, without disturbing the ability
>to edit that field (copy, paste, type stuff) with ease.
>I have tried a few different ways of hiliting the line of the field
>(selecting it, changing the color of the text of it, etc) but any sort of
>repeat or recursive structure does not work, as the ³mousewithin² message
>is simply sent far too often for any Œrepeat¹ or recursion to work.
>Does anyone have any other ideas for highlighting a line in a field that
>might work under these conditions?
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