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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 3 20:49:19 EST 2016

Monte Goulding wrote:

 >> On 4 Mar 2016, at 8:36 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Ironically, drag-select is the exact use case that prompted me
 >> to STOP using cantSelect.  I was working on a drawing pane and
 >> had an object covering the full space within the drawing region
 >> behind everything else I wanted to user to be able to interact
 >> with.  My turning on the cantSelect for that larger object it
 >> no longer responds to the pointer tool, which is expected of
 >> course but makes drag-select impossible is the drag begins within
 >> that object.
 > Yes, this would seem to be a bug in cantSelect where you can drag
 > to select everything else but only if the initial click is not
 > inside the cantSelect object. I’m not positive it has always been
 > this way as it seems to rule out the use case that both Scott and
 > I have used it for!

AFAIK this has always been how it works.  In fact I discussed this with 
Dr. Raney shortly after if was implemented, and in his view it works as 
spec'd:  when you mouseDown anywhere in browser mode it doesn't do 
marquee select, so when an individual object is set to browser mode it 
does the same thing.

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