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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Mar 3 20:52:30 CET 2016

Not sure about LC8, but up until now, I've used the cantSelect property to
create styled background regions on top of which foreground objects can be
selected.  One example is the checkerboard pattern that's often used in
graphics applications to indicate a transparent background.  By enabling a
control's cantSelect and disabled properties, you can drag-select other
objects on top of that control without interacting with it.


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>I'm also curious now about the use case for cantSelect. I realize it's
>not going away since it's always been there, but I'm having trouble
>coming up with a scenario in which this is useful. My worry is that
>we're putting a pretty obscure setting front and center in a primary
>tool for stack design when screen real estate is already at a premium
>(e.g. we're already overloading functions into the PB.

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