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Thu Mar 3 17:30:07 CET 2016

Thank you for your reply Mark, it’s good to know the teams perspective on these things.

Unfortunately, finding a reproducible set of steps isn’t proving easy, I’m currently having problems with the Message Box and Project Browser (Bug: ), where lengthy error messages appear in the MB and the PB suddenly becomes empty.

Another problem that I can’t find a recipe for, is the ‘tree link lines’ in the PB don’t always match up, closing and re-opening the PB seems to fix the issue. Next time I see it I’ll try to be more aware of the steps. I’ll certainly report it if I can find the recipe.

Another occasional problem, closing a stack using ‘Close and Remove From Memory’ may close the stack and remove it's entry in the PB, but by closing and re-opening the PB shows it's entry in the PB once again, even when the ‘destroyStack’ & ‘'destroyWindow’ are checked and ‘cantDelete’, ‘cantModify’ and ‘cantAbort’ are unchecked. I’ll do some more testing to see if I can nail this one down, but I have a feeling it’s closely related to the bug# 17048.



> On Mar 3, 2016, at 7:06 AM, Mark Waddingham <mark at> wrote:
> On 2016-03-03 16:02, Paul Hibbert wrote:
>> On the subject of improving the Project Browser, I would like to see a
>> ‘Refresh’ button added to this palette, probably in the header bar by
>> the gear icon. Sometimes the PB doesn’t always update in the way you
>> would expect and the only way to refresh it right now is to close and
>> re-open the palette, I seem to have to do this all too often.
> We'd rather not add a 'refresh' button to the project browser - if there are instances where it does not update correctly then we need to fix those instances. So, if you can find a reproducible set of steps for when it occurs please do file a bug report so we can address the problem.
> We do know that there will be refresh problems currently for certain (control and stack manipulation) scripts when lockMessages is true (i.e. when in a lock messages ... unlock messages block). Would that explain what you are seeing?
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> Mark.
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