LC8DP15 feedback-IDE Issues

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Mar 3 02:17:17 CET 2016

On 03/02/2016 02:08 PM, Peter TB Brett wrote:

> Thanks -- that's a much more complete / thorough explanation than I
> managed to give.  The Project Browser tries to fit a lot of features
> into a small amount of space and I'm not convinced that we've found the
> most efficient way to pack them.
> In the core dev team we use the Project Browser a *lot* when working on
> the IDE.  But we probably use it in a different way to the way many
> people developing apps with the IDE use it.  We need to get more
> feedback about what it does well (so we don't mess with those parts) and
> clear feedback about specific things it does badly (so we can tweak them).

Well, the PreferencesUI stack has a panel for the Application Browser 
where you can set actions for various object types. But the Project 
Browser doesn't respect these settings. As a start, it might be nice to 
have these carry over so that when a user migrates from the AB to the PB 
and double-clicks a card, for instance, she doesn't have to wonder why 
the property inspector doesn't pop up.

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