LCB: Complex statement help needed in LCB

Stephen MacLean smaclean at
Tue Mar 1 22:45:42 CET 2016

> On Mar 1, 2016, at 4:30 PM, Peter TB Brett <peter.brett at> wrote:
>> I'll give it a go. While I could just wrap the whole thing up and
>> execute it as a script, I’m really trying to do as much as possible
>> in LCB to learn.
> Yes.  I quite like programming in LCB because the compiler helps catch (some) silly mistakes.  However, there are some things that are difficult (or impossible) using only LCB.  Hopefully, that will be dealt with over time!
>                                     Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for all the examples, helps a lot!

The complier helps a bit, here’s to hoping that some sort of “remote” debugger for it is coming. While i’m getting better at guessing where my errors are, it takes forever to narrow it down and then build out again. Definitely way slower than coding in LCS.

But I sense once we have access to the underlying OS foundations, it’s going to be the place to be to get what I need:)

Thanks again,


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