Set the Opacity of a Button Background

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Mar 1 14:25:39 EST 2016

We looking at very simple button design:

1)  Border color is on/white/2px
2)  background is set to clear (no color assignment and no icon)
3)  background opacity set to 50% # if we can figure out how....
4)  Button name/label white

Now... I realize that if # 2 above is true, then possibly, since there are no pixels at all in the background that the algorithm might not be possible from a video card point of view... so we *could* set the background to white and set the opacity to a grayscale?transparency value of say... 50%  but the idea is that the text of the button name/label remains fully, 100% opaque, even thought background has an alpha channel value (some level of transparency)

From my fiddling... (I could be missing something) this is not possible either with buttons of fields  or graphics.

The use case is, again, as discussed in another thread: we want visibility of the text on top of *any* image to be visible. We do this in print all the time... but we cannot separate the blending of the text label or text itself and the background of a button/field in LC... at least I have not found a way.

On March 1, 2016 at 9:15:36 AM, RM (richmondmathewson at<mailto:richmondmathewson at>) wrote:

Do you mean that you want a button where an icon/image is set at 100%
opacity and the rest of
the button to, say, 50% transparency?

Would be grateful if you could clarify this.


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