Open source, closed source, and the value of code

Robert Mann rman at
Tue Mar 1 06:57:39 EST 2016

Hi that is surely one way of helping "hobbyist" :: suggesting they get help
from a pro.. and give 'em some work! !?

But that is not the point I made.

As a former publisher of BOOKS, the point I made is :

what are the rules??
What protection (rules)  applies to WHAT?
What can we do/not do with the the OS version?

And whouhou!!! boys.. that does not seem to be a clear !!
Of course, that started because of the price leap announced,
but it is a much deeper question :

• What can we/or can't we do with the Open Source version
• Where does the commercial version step in

So far, the Q/A on live code site that give examples only deals with the
CODE and not the content.

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