the detailed folders returning incorrect data

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jun 30 15:14:26 EDT 2016

In 8.1 dp-2 (and as far back as 6.7.11) if you get "the detailed
folders" and check item 10 (folder permissions) it is ALWAYS 777 under
Windows (8.1 at least) regardless of the actual folder permissions. BUG
RECIPE: Make a folder read-only and fetch the detailed folders of it's
parent folder.

There is nothing in the Dictionary entry for "the [detailed] folders" to
suggest that permission are not supported under Windows. Does the
detailed folders return correct permission values on other platforms? Is
this a "bug"?

I'll happy make a bug report, but I wanted to check with others first to
see if there is something I have missed.

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