Access mounted volumes on Windows from LC?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 30 14:35:14 EDT 2016

Roger Eller wrote:
> I never build for Windows in OS X.  So I only know when it worked and
> stopped and worked again on Windows.  I do recall some talk about the Mac
> version still having the issue for a while after 6.7.5.

Any potential bug symptoms evident in v6.x or v7.x need to be checked in 
the most recent DP build, currently 8.1 dp2.

6 and 7 have joined 5 and 4 and the others in having reached 
end-of-life.  Technical support is still available for current 
subscribers, but no new work is being done on versions prior to 8. Any 
bugs found in those older versions will remain forever.

That said, if you follow the pull requests on Github or as summarized in 
Peter's weekly newsletter*, you know that work in v8 is going strong and 
has recently included many changes to the Windows engine.

Hopefully any issue you've found has already been addressed, and if not 
providing a recipe for it that works in v8 will allow the team to take 
care of it.

* The 10 most recent Community newsletters from Peter (and a few other 
useful goodies) are available right in the IDE, in LiveNet:  see 
Development -> Plugins -> GoLiveNet

In versions prior to 8.0 the plugin is named GoRevNet.

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