Setting menuHistory of a group of option buttons

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A group does not have a menyHistory property. So what you really are doing is using a change in the menuHistory of one button to set that property in others. In other words, this is a button-to-button issue, and the fact that any of them are grouped is not pertinent.

That said, a handler in the group scripts, or even a single handler in the card script, can determine both the target (the button) and owner of the button (the group) and then take action accordingly. You will need to explicitly manage that activity, but it can all be done in a single handler, or two if you want to.

Craig Newman

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Thanks for your suggestion!  I have two groups of four option buttons.  I wanted the first group of four option buttons when selected to reset the menuHistory of the other four option buttons. I grouped both sets into two group hoping that a group script for the first set would accomplish this task. 

I also wanted the same thing to occur when the second set of option buttons were selected that the first group of option buttons would be reset.  I wanted to avoid putting a lot of code into my switch statements for each group because there are a lot of switch statements.  Any other suggestions?

I was really surprised that a group script would not accomplished this 

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