LiveCode Lessons "How do I Become an Android Developer on a PC?"

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Tue Jun 21 02:29:16 EDT 2016

>From the screenshots and some of the text, this lesson appears out of date.

With LC 7.1.4 + JDK SE 8u91 + Android Studio 2.1 installed, with LC's
"mobile support" prefs pointing to SDK/JDK paths, and with my Android
tablet listed in both Windows File Explorer and LC's "Test target", I am
still getting the errors "aapt.exe stopped" and "apk preparation failed".

A Gmane search turned up this thread

but that 4-year-old solution did not work.

Anyone have a link to a thread with more recent information about building
for Android on a PC?

Thank you.

[By the way, the LC lesson url is:

Nicolas Cueto

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