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Re sending email with attachments, this may get you started. This page has a link to a stack that uses a php cgi to send mail from a server. There are probably simpler ways of doing it using the user's own local email system, but I needed a solution that would send emails no matter the local computer configuration.

Good luck,

William Prothero

> On Jun 18, 2016, at 8:58 AM, Glen Bojsza <gbojsza at> wrote:
> There are many iPad apps that when I receive a particular file via email
> that I am given a choice which app I can open it with.
> My app uses text files and sqlite files and I want the users to be able to
> email their files to others.
> 1. How do you make a LC iOS app so email attachments can be opened?
> 2. How can you script it so a user can select files on their iOS device and
> email them as an attachment?
> I was hoping their would be a video tutorial showing these and how an app
> can check for updates when opened but I have not found any.
> I don't plan to update the app unless new features are added but I do want
> to update the text and database files it uses.
> Given these questions above are there any constraints on what version of LC
> must be used?
> thanks,
> Glen
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