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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 17 10:54:18 EDT 2016

Peter M. Brigham wrote:
 > I'm noticing that the majority of the topics on this list recently
 > concern rather advanced aspects of LC, like using JavaScript in the
 > browser widget, mySQL and JSON calls, problems with multiple monitor
 > display, LCB, LC server, etc. No disparagement intended at all for
 > these questions, but I worry that LC newcomers might be feeling that
 > this list is all about LC esoterica and not really for beginners.
 > I just want to offer a reminder: simpler questions are welcome here
 > too -- this is not just a list for professional developers working at
 > the bleeding edges of LC.

If we look at the names here and on the forums, most of the newcomers 
are in the forums.  In fact, the occasional newcomer I see here is often 
someone I'd met in the forums weeks earlier.   With the threaded 
discussions there, and a section for Complete Beginners, it seems a 
natural path for many.

In fact, for some folks email lists seem as anachronistic as IRC.  Both 
are still used today, but we're seeing greater growth in web forums and 
things like Slack and Telegram in many communities, not just ours.

I like both this list and the forums, and enjoy that there are largely 
two very different audiences in each.

Personally, I have an organic view about such things:  whatever level of 
technical prowess people want to pursue is exactly what they should be 

Anyone who finds a topic challenging will hopefully ask questions so 
they can follow along.

I ask quite a few noob questions myself now and then so I can keep up 
with y'all.  It's how we learn together.

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