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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 13 12:16:09 EDT 2016

Lyn Teyla wrote:

 > You can create any sort of polished UI that can be accomplished using
 > web views, and use Angular, Bootstrap, and other established
 > web-based UI frameworks to speed up the process.
 > You can place your UI code on a server and update it on the fly.

We can do that with downloadable stacks now. Most apps I've built for 
the last few years live on a server, with the standalone containing only 
enough code to know where to download the first one.

But as for the benefits of JS/HTML/CSS, yes and double-yes.

Fully-native apps are great for when you need access to hardware 
features not supported in the browser.

But those are relatively few, and once you become proficient with 
frameworks like Angular a whole new world opens up where you can choose 
between native apps, Web apps, or a mix of either, depending on the 
needs of the project at hand.

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