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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jun 11 11:47:34 EDT 2016

Earlier I wrote:
> Yesterday my Pi3 arrived and I tried once again to see if any of the
> three most recent LC builds would run on it.  And once again, as with my
> Pi2, the older of the three crashes on launch, the other two crash as
> soon as I click anywhere in the menu bar.
> Too bad, since the Pi is very popular in EDU and LC is a perfect fit for
> that.
> I'm hoping to get some time to work out the compile details so I can at
> least compile v8 for Pi, but I don't know when that will be.  And even
> when I do, I doubt I have the C chops to track down and fix the menu bar
> crasher.

I should add that the crashers appear limited to GUI routines.

My current Pi3 SD card has Raspbian Jessie Lite with no GUI, a better 
fit for the lower-powered Pi and all you need for server and IoT projects.

In that setup the most recent LC Server build for Pi works very well.

So if you were excited about LC on Pi for GUIs, it seems a mixed bag in 
which some folks are having a good time and others getting crashers.

But if you're using your Pi for server or IoT projects, run LC Server 
without a GUI and it seems to run reliably well.

And FWIW, I once ran my Pi2 under Ubuntu Snappy Core, the new super-slim 
Ubuntu edition with their new Snap packaging optimized for microservers 
and IoT.  LC Server ran well there.  There isn't yet a build of Ubuntu 
Core for Pi3, but it should be just another couple weeks and once it's 
out I'll be using that and can report back here on how it goes with LC 
Server if anyone's interested.

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