Another way of approaching LC8?

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Thu Jun 9 10:49:07 EDT 2016

Well, I'm just playing with it in my spare time: that's how I learnt 
Hypercard, Toolbook, Director, and Runtime Revolution 1.1.1 (that's 
Livecode to you).
I have never found books on how to program make any sense whatsoever to 
me; and that is one of the reasons (apart from innate idleness) that I
haven't got round to writing a "Livecode for Kiddies" book.

I learnt MiniFortran, BASIC, FORTRAN IV and PASCAL by messing around at 
blind terminals; and, from the bottom of my heart, I am so glad I don't
ever have to do that again because of environments such as Livecode.

After all, you can mess around with Livecode 8 "in the privacy of your 
own room" [ and most of us aren't the types to video our bedroom
games and plaster the film all over the internet, are we now?] and what 
happens is just between you, your computer and Livecode.


On 9.06.2016 16:52, Graham Samuel wrote:
> Having been burnt by the BMI Calculator example, what would listers suggest as the shortest way to get familiar with LC8 without reading an enormous amount of text? I would count myself as a pretty experienced LiveCode programmer, so that’s where I’m starting from.
> Maybe I should just take an existing program, open it and see what happens? But then widgets would remain a closed book, which isn’t the intention.
> I had a quick look at the HTML 5 side of things and at the dictionary, and both scared me. I don’t feel I’m in Kansas any more.
> How did you guys do it?
> Graham
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