Cubist's first bug report

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Jun 6 14:28:57 EDT 2016

> On Jun 6, 2016, at 11:06 AM, Mark Waddingham <mark at> wrote:
>  variable sIndex
>  command whatShouldThisDo? sInput
>    add char sIndex of line addOneToIndex() of sInput to tSum
>  end command
>  function addOneToIndex
>    add 1 to sIndex
>    return sIndex
>  end function

My eyes see sIndex and addOneToIndex() as two different expressions and thus see the potential for an order-of-evaluation problem.  My eyes don't see that in using add on a chunk determined by a function.  So, the latter is much more of a concern for me.  

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