Problems with Xcode

martin meili bmmeili at
Thu Jun 2 13:55:24 EDT 2016

Some days ago I posted a message that LiveCode had problems finding the correct Xcode-version on my iMac. Some people from the list told me, the problem could be fixed with Terminal. Now, I’ve got the answer from Apple support, as follows:

"There is actually UI in Xcode that can help you achieve the same goal. 
Choose Xcode > Preferences, and click Locations.
Select a version from the Command Line Tools pop-up menu.
When you get to step 2, and select the Command Line Tools drop down menu, you should see a list of the different versions of Xcode installed on your machine. Make the appropriate selection from the drop down. 

FYI, if you don’t need to maintain separate versions of Xcode it may be easier for you if you remove the old versions of Xcode.“

This piece of advice from Apple helped me to fix my problem.


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