image about 5% of original size in printout on Windows

Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Jun 2 17:20:34 CEST 2016

Hi all,

found the answer, see below!

> Am 02.06.2016 um 16:18 schrieb Klaus major-k <klaus at>:
> Hi friends,
> strange experience on Windows!
> when printing out a card with an image on it (company logo in PNG format)
> the image on the printout is only ca. 5% of the original size of the image on the card!?
> Also tried to use a button with that image as icon, same tiny result!? :-/
> Rest of card looks fine in printout!
> And the same script works/prints of course fine on the Mac.
> Any hints heavily appreciated, thanks!
> LC 8.01 Win 7.

I used the Foxit PDF printer driver to „Print to PDF“ and it appears
that the „tiny-ness“ only appears in the PDF, when printing out to 
paper everything is fine!?

Bug or not? Or bug in Foxit printer driver?



Klaus Major
klaus at

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