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Sat Jul 30 15:32:38 EDT 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> Why BottomColor is applied to top/left is unintuitive…
> that seems backward…

It does on first glance, but it's clear after you know what it's doing. 
TopColor and bottomColor only apply to 3D fields. The effect is like 
light shining onto a 3D frame, where the edges are hilighted on the 
parts that are "sticking out" and there are shadows underneath. The 
default light source is at the top left, which is the corner that will 
show hilighting effects. The bottom right corner will show an opposite 
effect; the "inside" of the frame will catch the light and the lower 
edge will be in shadow.

The topColor is the hilighted color, the bottomColor is the shadow color.

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