LC 8 on Windows

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Jul 10 07:52:27 EDT 2016

[ this isn't yet a well-formed idea, but I'm sure there could be 
something ... ]

Could there be a special "plugin diagnostic mode" ?

When it is active, the IDE would

  - startup one plugin at a time

  - let you use it / try things out

  - and then (on some simple command) startup the next one, etc.

-- Alex.

On 09/07/2016 22:39, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Skip Kimpel wrote:
> > After some experimentation based upon what Panos suggested, something
> > in my plugins folder is causing the issue.  Yikes... I have LOTS of
> > plugins.  Any good way of diagnosing the culprit without doing having
> > to drop my plugins one by one?
> By halves.

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