Front and Back Scripts on Mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Jul 6 13:46:09 EDT 2016

Part of the solution is more examples/amd explanation(s) in the dictionary itself. For example, right now I'm struggling with getting a mobileCreateScroller to work from a backscript.

I think it may do better using an external lc.livecodescript script only as a behavior but the dictionary gives no example of how to actually implement that in a portable fashion. There is no clear indication of exactly how an external stack is loaded into memory and made available on mobile. on infers that it should be part of your stack files and they in a preopen stack handler one should probably "go stack mybehavior.livecodescript"  but the button to add stack files the standalone builder for mobile is dimmed.

So this kind of thing is very, very costly in terms of time needed to do hit and miss testing… 2 days for me now…I think I have built and loaded my app nearly 75 times onto my iPhone…


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On the LiveCode website there are a lot of lessons but they all dealing with
different aspects how to do this or that and I miss a good example of an
application showing how to structure and setup a LiveCode app from the start
(database CRUD handling, update mechanism for the app etc.).
In this thread samples about back- and frontscript which you can general use
every time over again. Best ways to do this or that etc.

I am thinking about a Kitchensink app or this available somewhere?


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