Stability of LC 8 DP2?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jul 4 17:10:00 EDT 2016

Dar Scott wrote:

 >> On Jul 4, 2016, at 10:15 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> On the contrary, while I recommend using the most recent "Stable"
 >> build for deploying, for development I strongly recommend using
 >> the most recent build with any designation specifically so we can
 >> identify and resolve these issues ASAP.
 > Can you clarify this daring and exhilarating approach to programming?
 > If, in a major run, I hop to 8.1, riding the edge, I am crossing-
 > my-fingers hoping to jump to a stable 8.1 before the due date, but
 > if there is no stable 8.1 as the due date approaches, and I use your
 > deploy-on-stable approach, I need to flip back to 8.0, redoing that
 > which depended on 8.1, making quick corrections, so that by the time
 > I go through the delivery tunnel, all works and all is stable.

As a general rule I never make business plans involving anything 
dependent on unreleased software features.

I've tested software for Adobe, Apple, Oracle, and many others, but I 
don't make any deployment schedules that involve features unique to any 
version of any software until two conditions have been met:

1. The final shipping version of the software exists.

2. I've been able to reasonably verify that it'll do
    what I need it to do.

Everything prior to those two conditions being met is effectively just 
testing (though I tend to get a lot of work done along the way).

I was a customer of Allegiant SuperCard for Windows, and worked with a 
company that invested in plans based around QuickTime's HyperCard 3 
engine. Stuff happens. Sometimes that stuff is beyond anything anyone 
could have imagined when the project started.

So until a feature is in my hands and verified as working, for any 
business planning purposes it doesn't exist.

For learning and testing purposes, however, it's invaluable for helping 
to ensure the final version will do what I need it to do once it's ready.

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