Animation in LiveCode

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Jan 5 14:46:58 EST 2016

To make GIFs with GIMP, you're going to need both GIMP itself as well as 
GIMP Animation Package (or GIMP GAP, for those who like recursive acronyms).



GIMP recognizes animated GIF files as a file with multiple layers (one 
layer for each frame),
which makes it easy to resize the whole file as needed. Thus, when 
creating an animated GIF
from scratch, it's as easy as adding new layers. And you can use it to 
add text to an animation,
for memes galore. With GIMP, you can also specify whether the file 
should loop
(not all of them should), and even specify a different delay time 
between frames.
That provides some pinpoint precision to your work. Note that to make 
this all work,
you need the GIMP Animation Package.

Information cobbled together from here and there.


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