Uploading Livecode generated HTML5 to a web-server

RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 16:28:25 EST 2016

On 29.02.2016 23:19, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> On 29/02/2016 20:27, RM wrote:
>> Generating an HTML5 "standalone' from Livecode 8.0 DP 15 yields 5 files:
>> YourStack.html
>> standalone.zip
>> standalone-community-8.0.0-dp-15.html.mem
>> standalone-community-8.0.0-dp-15.js
>> XXXXXX.livecode  [where 'XXXXXX' is a number] (this is actually a copy
>> of YourStack.livecode)
>> Do all of these have to be uploaded to one's website, and, as one of
>> them is a java executable
>> does one have to have some other fancy java 'stuff' uploaded as well?
> Hmm -- did the HTML5 Deployment guide not explain it clearly? Would be 
> interested to hear feedback so I can improve it.
> The weirdly-numbered stack file is a bug in the standalone creator. 
> Please file a bug report and I'll fix it!

Bug Number: 17040.

Best, Richmond.

> You just need to copy the other four files somewhere on your website, 
> then load the .html page in a web browser.  The HTML5 Deployment guide 
> explains how to customise the .html page if you don't want to (or 
> can't) put all four files in the same place.
>                                      Peter

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